Why You Need To Transform Your Job Search

Resume Tips

It’s the age of digital transformation, and your job searching technique should be transforming as well. The days of sending out one or two resumes and landing an interview, much less a job, are behind you. Follow our five-step guide and transform your job search into a 21st-century model.

The Job Search Engine

Nothing will give you better access to the most available jobs in your area of expertise than a dedicated job search engine. A job search engine differs from a job posting site because it pulls jobs from all of the posting sites. If you look for a job on Craig’s List, you’re only seeing the jobs that people uploaded to the site, and not everyone is on Craig’s List. Even better, job search engines often keep open job postings listed long after the original poster, making it easy to stand out as an applicant when others have given up.

LinkedIn Profile Ranking

In addition to applying for jobs, can recruiters or employers find you through a simple search? When you log into LinkedIn, click on the drop-down arrow next to your photo and select, “View Profile.” Click on “add profile section” and fill out every section as it applies to your dream job. Filling these sections out completely will allow you to show up in the feeds of employers and recruiters. LinkedIn will give you reports on the number of people who viewed your profile. If you would like to improve that number, they offer an in-depth report for a monthly fee.

If you’d like an in-depth guide to using LinkedIn more, use this article to help you craft the perfect LinkedIn profile.

Go Digital

While most companies still require a resume in the form of a document, it doesn’t hurt to transform your expertise into web format. Even if you’re not making your job search public, there are no rules against creating your own personal blog or website as it applies to your industry.

For example, Doug Brown created DABCC.com as an online resource for the digital workplace industry. You don’t see any “resume” information on Doug on the site, but you can tell from the content that he’s an expert in all things Internet Technology.

Strategic Networking

Although digital gets all the credit, nothing takes the place of old-fashioned face-to-face. If you’re not having much luck on the computer, look for an industry MeetUp group near you. Join the group online and head to the next meeting as if you’re going to a job interview. Introduce yourself and get to know other attendees. When you’re comfortable, let them know you’re looking for a job and make sure you give them a resume if they ask or connect with them on LinkedIn if you can. They may not know of a job today, but the next time they hear of something, they’ll be sure to reach out if they have your information.

Several Resumes

Does your skillset span several industries and marketplaces? Don’t limit yourself to just one resume. Tailor each industry with information that’s specific to that marketplace. Don’t forget to use our great resume guide for each version.

Resumes that are customized for the exact position and industry are much more likely to result in an interview. It may seem time-consuming at first, but you’ll be happy you took the time to do it once you get the call for the interview.