Are You Making These 3 Common Resume Errors?

Resume Tips

Everyone knows that basic spelling or grammar errors can get your resume filed to the waste bin quickly. Avoiding common resume woes lets you stand out from the application crowd and impresses potential employers with your attention to detail. Are you making any of these three common errors?

Not including the right keywords

Fill your resume with action-based keywords that are relevant to your niche and experience — including what you’ve done, the tools you’ve used and the skills and education you have. Hiring managers and recruiters use software to search application databases and online resumes, so keywords are critical to getting found.

Failure to format intelligently

White space is important for printed results, so use headers, bullets and space between paragraphs. Create a second, digital version of your resume to upload to databases and recruiting sites. When emailing your resume, be sure recruiters can open it. Opt for a universal format like PDF. Typically, a company will specify a file format, which you should use or risk no one ever looking at your application.

Not tailoring resumes for job offers

You might not want to rewrite your resume for every application, but don’t use a resume that landed you an entry-level accounting job to apply for a bookkeeping management position. Review the job description and keep notes of keywords and phrases to use. By tailoring your resume to the job description you will appear better-qualified.