How to Future-Proof Your Resume

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Experts predict that more than 800 million jobs could be lost by the year 2030 due to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) technology. The idea of such a massive loss of jobs has spread panic across the job market. Before you start to sound the alarm, there’s plenty of evidence that shows just as many, or even more, jobs will be created due to AI and ML technology than are lost.

Good news, right? It can be if you are prepared for what lies ahead. There’s no doubt that AI and ML are set to change the landscape of the job market. In fact, this emerging technology is already seen in manufacturing plants, banks, grocery stores, and more. Rather than worrying about technology taking over your job, you should focus on how to keep yourself employable well into the future.

Here are some tips on how to future-proof your resume.

Invest in Training

As technology overtakes more and more functions in the workplace, it is vital that you obtain at least the basic skills. However, this technology is changing at such a rapid pace that it would be nearly impossible to keep up with it on a continual basis. The good news is that today’s employers don’t expect you to keep up with emerging technology. They are willing to train you, but they want to know that you are you are interested, willing and capable of learning. Investing in training, even basic training, can be enough to show employers your willingness to learn.

Build Skills of the Future

There may not be a net loss of jobs on the market as ML and AI technology continues to emerge in the workplace, but the types of jobs available certainly will change. With these new jobs will come a new set of required skills. To future-proof your resume, you must understand what these new skills are and find a way to highlight them on your resume.

Of course, education, training, and experience will always play a pivotal role in the hiring process, but today’s employers are looking for more. They want to know that the candidate’s the hire today will still be a valuable asset to the company well into the future. To meet this demand, employers are starting to evaluate candidates’ soft skills, such as adaptability. Employers want to know that you can keep up with the constant technological advancements in the workplace and that these changes will not hinder your productivity.

Emotional intelligence is another prime skills today’s employers want. In fact, many employers today use pre-hire assessment test to measure the candidates’ emotional IQ as part of the hiring process. Perhaps this is because this is the one skill that artificial intelligence lacks, at least for now. Employers also are looking for candidates with strong critical thinking and decision-making skills to ensure they can successfully work with technology.

Seek Out Learning Opportunities

A great way to keep yourself employable is to seek out learning opportunities within the workplace. Stay up-to-date on the latest trends in your industry and discover ways that technology is already infiltrating the workplace. Pay attention to any employee development programs offered by your employer, volunteer to be part of a pilot program at work, and let your supervisor know that you are interested in learning opportunities. Not only will this let your employer know that you are committed to learning, but these experiences will also look great on your resume when it comes time to advance your career.

Update Your Resume

Don’t sit back and let technology overtake your job. Instead, you must be proactive. Take time to update your resume now, even if you are not actively looking for a new job. Start by going online and reviewing multiple job postings in your area of expertise. Pay attention to what types of skills, both hard and soft skills, employers are looking for in applicants. With this information, you can revamp your resume to make sure you will be employable not just today but in the future as well.

Start planning today, by taking steps to future-proof your resume. Learn how to create a resume that let’s prospective employers know that you are ready for the future by checking out GoResumes.