Applying for a job that’s too far for a commute?

Resume Tips

If you’re applying for a job that’s too far for a commute, do include a cover letter that discusses your plans for relocation and the interviewing process. While many companies will provide you with transportation and accommodations, it’s not always offered in a job listing.

In your cover letter (yes, every resume should have a cover letter), explain that while you are currently (location), you are planning a move to (their location) as soon as possible. Explain that you’ll be in town within the next few weeks and that you would love to set up an interview before your arrival.

Not all companies are prepared to offer relocation assistance, so it’s important to tell them you want to live in the area and that you will already be in town for an interview. If that last statement is not 100% true, you can make it true by booking a flight or planning a drive soon! Feel free to follow up with the company that you’re applying to if you’re in town; you never know when someone will be available to meet with you in person, and luck may be on your side after all.

Modern resumes are up front, easy to read and answer recruiter questions before they have a chance to ask. Concentrate on what the company is searching for, and show it to them in black and white to earn the opportunity for an interview.