What Will the Hiring Manager Ask, and How Should You Answer?

Interview Tips

Standing out from the crowd is difficult when everyone is asked the same text-book interview questions, so planning ahead can be a good idea. Common questions to prepare for include:

• What are your strengths and weaknesses
• Why do you want this position?
• What do you know about the company?
• What experience do you have?
• What problems have you’ve solved in the past?
• How is your education or experience relevant?

When answering interview questions, avoid repeating “I” phrases and talking solely about yourself (i.e. “I’m great at…” or “My biggest weakness is…”). Instead, frame answers in light of past performance, challenges, solutions, obstacles, successes and teamwork. Instead of listing answers, tell stories that illustrate those answers.

What you could say

I’m very detail oriented.

What you should say

In a previous position, I was asked to review reports and highlight specific types of data. Since I was seeing all the data together, I was able to use my analytical skills to see a risk trend, which I brought to senior management. They were able to make a change in the process that prevented a potential loss of over $100,000.