Useful Interview Questions to Prepare For

Interview Tips

1. What was it about this job description that caught your eye?

Refamiliarize yourself with the job posting right before you go into the interview. Focus on how you could be an asset to the company, versus what the job could do for you. Your answer should emphasize that you were actively applying for this role, not just applying to everything in sight.

2. What are you reading right now?

Talk about a professional book you’re reading or recently read and how you’re using it to grow in your career. Share a book that you’re reading for pleasure to give insight into your personal interests. If you aren’t reading anything now, talk about something you’ve read recently.

3. How do you handle critique?

Talk about the importance of being able to handle constructive criticism well and how you view it as an opportunity to grow professionally. Bring up a time when you were criticized at work. Talk about how you used that criticism to strengthen a weakness and work better with a team.

4. What would your last boss say about you?

Even if you’re not using your last boss as a reference, it’s normal for a potential employer to want to hear about your relationship. Be honest, because the interviewer may end up calling your past employer. Remain positive, even if there were challenges. Frame any friction by the lessons you learned from that relationship.

5. Tell me about a time you were honest even if it meant negative consequences?

This question can be important because it gives the interviewer a chance to assess your integrity. Discuss an example where you owned up to a mistake or had to point out a flaw in an important process. Don’t use this question as an opportunity to complain about any punishment you received for admitting to an error.