How to Strategically Leverage Experience to Earn a Six-Figure Salary I – Starting As A Temp

Interview Tips

Want to make a six-figure salary? If you’re looking for career advice on climbing the corporate ladder, you’ll find it here. Aside from resume reviews or resume writing tips, leveraging your experience can help increase your salary. Use the tips below from hiring experts to help you learn how to command a higher salary with every new job opportunity.

Take a Temp Job to Get Your Foot in the Door

Not only can you gain insight by temping, but you can “float” in different positions as they become available. Use these tips to help you get started.

Temp to Fill a Void: What You Can Learn

The role of temporary staff is important. While you’re filling in for someone that’s out sick or on maternity leave, your role is vital. When you temp, you become a reliable resource a business needs. They may call you with last-minute requests or ask you to temp in other departments. To help you acclimate in a new company, have a flexible schedule and take advantage of every opportunity. Note: temps are often called upon when the weather is bad or if someone calls out sick. Make yourself available and be reliable. It may lead to a permanent role.

Why a Temp Job Shouldn’t be Overlooked

Temping is one of the fastest ways to get your foot in the door. You might think six-figure salaries are impossible to achieve. But, you can start temping and eventually have a lucrative salary. Temps are often picked from small groups of people who prove they are reliable. In contrast, a position that’s full time might take weeks to fill. A temp job may be approved the same day and you might start the next day or the following Monday. Always keep in the back of your mind that temping can lead to a higher salary as you gain more experience.

How Temping Helps You Gain Influence

Temping lets you view the company from a distance. Consider a temp role as a receptionist or mail room clerk. You can learn about various departments and you can meet the staff. Because you’re not assigned to one particular area, it lets you view the whole company. Take the time to learn the history of the business, the brand, and how each department works. This can help as you start to fill in as a temp in other departments. Always be reliable and available and always say yes to any requests from other departments that need help.

The Reasons Temps Excel in Their Roles

Some people view temp work in a bad light. They view it as only filling a position for a short time. But, you’re adding value to the business. Even if you’re only working on Excel spreadsheets or answering phones, by being reliable, you can eventually become the “go-to” person. Help out with small projects, double-check every detail, and when you talk to employees, let them know you can lend a hand. They might be short-staffed around the holidays, during someone’s maternity leave, or to cover vacations. As you gain experience and help out more, you may be called on to fill one of these roles.

Tips to Help You Become the Best Temp

There are good and bad temps. Bad temps are never available, they stay on the phone, surf the internet, and don’t get to know anyone. Good temps are always reliable. They take every temp opportunity a business has and they take on all the work they are offered. They rarely waste time and with downtime, they are studying the names of people in the business and identifying their faces. You will go further when people see you as friendly, helpful, and ready to work. Be yourself and let people know you are there to help. You are there to pitch in when needed.

When You Shift From Temping to a Permanent Position

When a position becomes available, your employer may question whether you would make a good fit. HR may ask the manager with the opening to consider your application and reliability with the business. They may offer a job to you because you know people there. It’s easier to place someone who’s already with the company. If HR asks, consider the position, the salary, and if you want to wait for another opening or take that one. Note: If you take the opening, they’ll expect you to stay in that role no less than a year or two before you shift to another department.

Temp Salaries and What to Expect

In the back of your mind, you might question, “How do I go from temping to six figures?” Temping pays well because you won’t have the benefits package that full-time staff has. But, don’t let that stop you from temping. Temping can lead to a permanent role. Once you’re in a full-time and have experience, you can transition into a higher salary. If no other roles are available, you can change jobs at a higher salary with a new company. At that new business, you can then wait a year or two and seek out a higher salary in another department.