Showcase Your Winning Personality

Interview Tips

1. Have the Right Interviewing Posture

Your posture during your interview says a lot. Jobseekers make the mistake of not paying attention to their posture, which can give the wrong signs. Slouching or sitting with your head on your hand while your arm is propped up on the table can show that you’re bored or not interested. It can also be a turn-off if you spin in the chair and lean back too much, which might make you look too cocky. For proper posture, sit slightly forward with your hands folded in front of you, at your sides or under the table as you listen intently.

2. Speak with Authority

Even if you’re a shy person or don’t have a lot of experience in interviews, you should speak with authority. While this might be hard, when you practice at home it can help you prepare for your interview. At home a day or two before the interview, practice what you will say out loud and record yourself. That way you can see how you will look and sound to interviewers. Work on speaking clearly and enunciating your words. With topics you’re unsure of, pause, think about your answer, and then respond. You can sound confident and speak clearly even if you’re nervous.

3. Avoid Using Slang

An area that some jobseekers don’t focus on is slang terminology. In an interview, avoid speaking to the interviewer like you would a best friend. Your answers should be formal and polite. Instead of “Well, you know back when…” try “Yes, recently while at…”. Instead of “Yeah, I was gonna say the same thing,” try “Yes, I agree.” Another area to focus on is not mumbling. Practice what you will say beforehand and keep practicing so that you sound more confident. It can take time, but you want to come across as professional and ready for the future job opportunity.

4. Show Your Professionalism

Jobseekers can make a mistake of getting too comfortable with an interviewer. For example, if the woman interviewing you has a newborn and mentions that, it’s not the time to discuss your newborn and how difficult it is to find a sitter or discuss how late you’re up at night. If the interviewer mentions their fraternity, don’t use that to start a dialogue about how wasted you were over the weekend. You don’t want to come across like you’re trying to make friends with the interviewer. Show them that you are the right person to fill the available vacancy.

5. Watch What You Display (Facebook)

An area that you might not consider before an interview is your Facebook page. Your interviewer will look you up online, which is very easy to do. Be careful what you allow others to view as you might want to change your settings to “private.” Additionally, don’t post about your interview or complain about current, future or past employers, and don’t mention taking a sick day with photos of you at the beach. An interviewer that finds this might not say anything, but you might discover that you didn’t get the job because of what they saw about you online.

6. Have Proper Body Language

Body language tells a lot about a jobseeker. If you’re nervous, it’s best to keep your hands neatly folded in front of you, at your sides or in your lap. Body language can show that you are worried about money if you wring your hands together. It can show that you are lying if you rub your nose, touch your mouth or cover your mouth, and it can show that you’re feeling insecure if you rub the lobes of your ears. In interviews, lean slightly forward and pay attention to the interviewer and what they are saying.

7. Let Your Personality Shine

Some people are nervous during interviews, but you want your personality to shine through. It’s okay to say that you’re nervous, as your interviewer will probably already be able to tell. Just be yourself and stay calm. Listen intently, answer the questions asked and remember to highlight your experience. By showing that you’ve researched the firm or company and you ask questions about how you can help the business and department you will be working in, you’re well on your way to the right position. Be yourself and remember to smile. If you’re the right fit, they will let you know.