Should I Stay or Should I Go….

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So, you currently have a stable job, which provides a regular paycheck. Although you should feel grateful, you have your reservations; and you ask yourself: “Should I stay or should I go?” Well, if you are asking yourself such a question, then you should take some time to reevaluate your current position. Keeping reading to compare your situation to the following scenarios. Afterwards, determine whether or not you should go job hunting again.

“If You Don’t Do This, You Are Fired!”

Do your supervisors usually resort to the firing or sacking threat as the solution to any problem or disagreement? A supervisor who chooses such a tactic does not want to solve any issues. Instead, the supervisors feel that the disagreement is a waste of time. As a result, they use their authority to scare their employees into agreeing with them; and the employees will quickly learn the following: “It’s the supervisors’ way or the highway.”

“We Want a Leader, who will say yes!”

Do your supervisors state that they want a leader? When you bring new ideas to them, however, they turn you down – only to claim the ideas as their own on a later date. Furthermore, when you respectfully disagree with them and offer another course of action, they claim that you have personality issues. Such supervisors do not want leaders. They want to take credit for every good idea; and they only want a “Yes” man or woman.

“You Should Be Grateful.”

Do your supervisors constantly remind you of your good fortune? They usually like to emphasize about your employment status with great pay in a such a competitive job market. Since they feel that you should be grateful, however, they do not appreciate you. Instead, they take advantage of your work ethic. So, if you have limited working proficiency in a foreign language that is common in the community, for example, this type of supervisor will give you all of the difficult translation responsibilities and liabilities in addition to your usual job duties without fair compensation to avoid the hiring of a fluent speaker. Furthermore, this type of supervisor will consistently expect for you to bring work home because he or she pays you enough.

“We are a family.”

Do your supervisors constantly state that their work environment is family-friendly? When your colleague and you try to switch work days for family matters, however, both of you received harsh verbal warnings. Furthermore, although the supervisors are consistently late for their shifts, they threatened to fire you for being only five minutes late due to family-related reasons; but tardiness is not a common issue for you. Lastly, although you have ten paid vacation days on an annual basis, you are pressured to not request for too many days off in a row.

“We pay you well enough!”

Do you constantly feel that your supervisors are breathing down your neck to find something wrong? Eventually, they accomplish their self-fulfilling prophecy. Then, after their discovery, they usually feel the strong need to call you to their office and demonstrate that your mistake almost resulted in the end of the world. They also add that you are a well-paid employee; and therefore, you should not make any errors. However, your error rate is usually very low; and many of your mistakes are due to your supervisors’ lack of interest in appropriately training you.

Although many people dread the job-hunting process, especially with a currently stable job, the endeavor is sometimes necessary to escape an extremely hostile working environment. If you are dreading going to work every single day, then the anxiety may have deleterious effects on your productivity and health. Hopefully, from this article, you will be able to carefully reevaluate your position and make a sound decision. Best wishes with your current career or job search!