Looking for the Right Culture Fit? Here’s How

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Many of today’s job seekers are looking the perfect “culture fit,” and for good reasons. Studies suggest that when employees feel like they fit into the company culture, they have increased levels of on-the-job performance and higher job satisfaction.

What is culture fit?

Culture fit is not about working with a group of people who are exactly like you. In fact, diversity in the workplace a crucial element of any workplace because it can spur creativity and innovation. Culture fit is more about the workplace environment and working for a company that shares your core values and goals. It’s about working with a group of people that share your vision, your work ethics, and your values.

How to find the Right Culture Fit

There are several things you can do when looking for a new job to make sure you connect with a company that offers the ideal workplace culture for you.

Define Your Ideal Workplace Culture

Not everyone has the same expectation, goals, or vision of the ideal workplace. With that in mind, the first step is to define what the ideal workplace culture looks like to you.

  • Understand Yourself – Take into consideration your personality, your values, work ethics, and determine what elements of a workplace culture are most important to you. For example, do you prefer flexible work hours or a consistent schedule? Is a healthy work-life balance important to you? Are they specific workplace perks or benefits that you consider a must-have?
  • Evaluate Past Experiences – Determine what things about your current and former workplaces you liked and things you didn’t like. What aspects of these workplace environments helped to improve your productivity and what issues hindered your ability to work?
  • Research the Industry – Take some time to research your specific industry. Look at some of the top companies in your industry and review their career webpage, About Us page on their website, social media profiles, and other relevant information to get a better vision of what each of these companies’ workplace culture looks like.

Use all this information to develop an idea of what your ideal workplace looks like and write down several keywords that best describe your vision.

Find Prospective Employers

Once you know what the ideal culture fit looks like, you can start looking for prospective employers that meet your set criteria. Start by reading over each job description and company profile looking for any of your keywords. The company’s mission statement of Employer Value Proposition also can give you good insight into what values the company considers most important. You should read these statements to see if they align closely with your values and goals.

Also, take a few minutes to read through the company’s social media profile and employer review boards to make sure their talk matches their actions. Keep in mind that it’s unlikely that any employer will have everything you are looking for, so you must prioritize the things that are most important to you. The ultimate goal is to find companies that offer a workplace culture you believe you can thrive in.

Ask the Right Questions

The interview process should be just as important to you, and it is to the prospective employer. Your first priority is to get through the interview process highlighting your unique skills and explaining why you are the best candidate for the job, but when it’s your turn to ask questions, but sure to use your time wisely. Ask specific questions about the workplace culture that will help to clarify any vague statements made. You can directly ask the interview to describe the workplace culture to see if it still matches your ideal vision. Finally, request a tour of the area where you will be working if possible. Nothing can explain the culture of a workplace more than seeing it first-hand.

Finding the perfect culture fit may take a few extra steps, but the result will be worth it. Studies show that workers stay longer with a company if they feel like they fit into the company culture. Learn how to craft a resume that will get the attention of your most desired employers by using GoResumes today.