4 Things to Consider After a Job Offer

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Congratulations! All of your hard work paid off; and the hiring manager just offered a position to you! Although receiving an acceptance letter is exciting, do not immediately jump up and simply say yes to the first or to any job offer. Ask the hiring manager for some additional time before you provide your answer. Now, keep reading to learn about the four things that you should consider after receiving a job offer; and in case you intend to decline a company’s offer, this article will also give you a few pointers.

The Unprofessionalism

During lunch, your potential supervisors decided to badmouth a current employee’s intelligence; and if you accepted the position, the employee will be your colleague and partner. Although you might want to initially brush off the snide remarks, you should not. Imagine that the lunch is your first date with your potential employer. If the employer is already making unprofessional comments and showing limited appreciation to his current employees, visualize your future treatment from these supervisors.

The Puppet Manager

During the same lunch, the potential employer decided to qualify his job offer to you with the following statement: “Although you do not have a lot of experience, I still chose to offer you the middle management position. You don’t look like you would disagree a lot with the currently established upper management team.” Considering the present job market and your green-colored experience, you might want to initially feel grateful for the job offer; but you should not. If you really analyze the employer’s declaration, he or she actually wants a “Yes” man/woman; the employer wants a puppet manager.

The Assessment

In addition to the interview questions in “The Interview Preparation Ritual,” many highly skilled or knowledgeable jobs should administer an open-book assessment. The assessment should not be tricky or stressful; and you should feel that you had plenty of time to complete the test. The test, however, is important to determine your ability to comfortably pick up the employer’s commonly-used programs and address any common client or non-client issues. By implementing such an assessment, you can feel confident that your potential colleagues will have a certain level of competence and independence. As a result, you can worry less about fixing the many problems that would arise from incapable colleagues.

The Important Question

Before giving your potential employer an answer, you should ask yourself one last question: “Will the position be my purpose that will help me achieve my career goals and life passions?” To better explain, envision that your career goal is to have a positive impact on your clients; and one of your life passions is to travel with your significant other. Then, imagine that you found out about your potential employer’s expectations, which consist of your constantly working fifty or more hours per week on salary pay. Furthermore, the employer expects for you to usually eat lunch at your desk and willingly answer late night phone calls. Now, ask yourself the following question: “Do I believe that my potential employer’s expectations will enable me to achieve my career goals and life passions?”

The Declination Letter

If you decided to decline the potential employer’s job offer after a few days of deep contemplation, you should notify the employer. In your declination letter, you should genuinely thank the hiring manager for his or her consideration and time. Afterwards, you should inform the employer of your decision with an attached reason. You do not want to burn any bridges; so, make sure to slightly sugar-coat your reasoning. Lastly, wish the employer all the best.

This article’s intention is to help current job seekers through the tough process of reevaluating a job offer and determining whether or not the potential employer is a good fit. Hopefully, the article will provide some guidance and alleviate any difficulties associated with process. As always, good luck; and best wishes in achieving happiness in work and life!